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A MUST READ: Ngozi Kanwiro Insults Linda Ikeji

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I know many of her fans will see this as beefing, anyway, if that’s how you feel about what I am about to say, then I have nothing else to say than the one I am about to unveil, and no matter how you feel about my opinion on this, it can’t stop me from pouring out my mind on things that needs to be addressed.

Ever since I wrote an open letter to NOLLYWOOD actresses, Cossy Orjiakor and Tonto Dikeh, blogger Linda Ikeji had stopped publishing my comments on some of her blog posts, like the one I made on one of her post about a Nigerian rapper who just released a book on how to stop masturbation. She saw that my comment was so relevant, so she became so afraid to publish it because she knew that her readers will definitely visit my blog after reading that comment, and she also knew that if any of her reader visits my blog, he/she will be amazed to discover that Linda’s blog had been fooling them with irrelevant gossips and news that adds no positive value to their lives.

Now, why did I call Linda Ikeji a ‘greedy blogger’ you may ask?

Linda Ikeji doesn’t want any other Nigerian blog to thrive and gain popularity in Nigeria like hers, but she is only daydreaming because she can’t expect her blog to remain the most popular blog forever in a nation with over 150 million population of smart, intelligent, and wise people.

Many bloggers may not know, but know it now that Linda Ikeji uses all strategies from hyping herself with show-off lifestyles and trips to other extreme strategies to block other blogs from growing popular, anyway, lets not go into details on that for now, but she knows what she’s doing, and she should have it in mind that such strategies won’t last forever.

It is a shame that a blogger as popular as she is, still feel insecure to publish other successful bloggers’ relevant comments on her blog, just to make sure her readers doesn’t get to know about them; she prefers them to remain under her spell of irrelevant news addiction, not knowing that it is even an honor for other bloggers to be visiting her irrelevant blog.

Yes, as an entrepreneur, she has the right to protect her business interest, but not in a shameful, radical and insecure approach that she had been using.

Why did I called her ‘irrelevant blogger’? please pay attention to few of my points. I have many, but in order to make this write-up short, I am going to point out few here.

True and real blogging have gone beyond posting irrelevant celebrity gossips and entertainment gist that adds no positive value to your readers, but instead leave them thinking negatively about their life- why they aren’t living big like the few celebrities you keep posting about their wealth and affluent lifestyle displays. True blogging has gone beyond that level to a level of positive impact in the way of posting relevant write-ups and news that will inspire, challenge and motivate your blog readers towards success in their various endeavors, but Linda’s blog hardly perform this task, instead she dwells more on negative news, irrelevant celebrity gossip, personal lifestyle display to show-off, and other irrelevant topics that leave her readers thinking negatively all the time.

Yes, celebrity news, gist and certain irrelevant news are needed to entertain and retain every blog readers, but it shouldn’t be the major role or the chief goal of an acclaimed blogger like you Linda, whom people, especially the youths are looking up to as a role model.

I want to ask, how many times has Linda Ikeji published articles or publications on how aspiring models can become models without having to patronize some mischievous male modeling agents who mostly demand sex, etc before promoting them, and even after that, still ends up not helping them to achieve their goals of becoming models? As a one-time model herself, and one with fashion modeling experience, Linda Ikeji ought to be posting guidelines on how aspiring models can become models on her blog, at least once every week to help her readers achieve their life goals, that’s how to make positive impact with your blogging career.

How many times has Linda published something to inspire and assist her blog readers who are mostly unemployed youths?

Linda Ikeji keep using doom news, news of sick people needing peoples’ assistance, and other irrelevant news to fool her blog readers. Now I want to ask Linda Ikeji, does it mean that if someone is not badly sick and needing attention or financial assistance to treat themselves, you can’t help them, at least when they are healthy? Linda, so the only time you can assist Nigerians using your blogging career is when they contract a deadly disease or develop sicknesses like- cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, etc? and when that occurs, you happily go to their sickbeds or ask their loved ones to send you their photographs for you to put up on your blog to beg people to help them, and then you make your devilish popularity with peoples’ bad condition? Linda, if this is your wish for Nigerians, you have failed in your blogging career.

Linda, you must have heard about NNPC 2010 mass recruitment that took NNPC management close to 2 years to complete, plus other government ministries’ job recruitment irregularities, Linda did you ever publish something on your blog to waken NNPC, etc and to also alert the Nigerian government on such ugly issues?

Linda, you are aware of the age, female-gender and certificate (HND) discriminations by Nigerian employers during job recruitments, but you are yet to initiate a campaign on these things using your blog popularity, as a way of helping your bog readers and giving back to your society, yet you and others maybe thinking that you are a feminist or gender-equality activist.

Linda, all you talk about on your blog is how this celebrity is going to lodge in the most expensive hotel in the world, how that celebrity purchased another exorbitant car or house, and how you yourself is flying around the world with rich politicians and celebrities, thereby inciting your blog readers and fans into corrupt practices and illegal activities to be like the people you always talk about.

Linda, whether you like it or not, the law of diminishing return must apply to your blog, and if you do not refrain from greed, insecure attitudes and feeling like a lord who has arrived, that law may catch up with your blog too sooner than expected.

Finally for your own info,,,,, and more are gradually phasing you’re your irrelevant blog out. And great upcoming blogs like-,,,, and many more are coming with full force to challenge and possibly oust your irrelevant blog because your readers will soon wake up from your spell of irrelevancy.

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