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7 Things That Can Cause Low Sperm Count

Several factors can affect the quality of sperm and thereby affect the sperm count of an individual. When sperm count gets below a certain level, the individual will not be able to father a child.

These factors may include the following:

Tight Trousers and Under-Wear: It has been suggested that all these kinds of wears adversely affect sperm quality, and therefore fertility. Sperm cells are heat-sensitive, and cannot endure high temperatures.

Laptops: It is known that the Testes function most effectively at slightly cooler than the core body temperature. Placement of a laptop computer on the laps for extended use has been shown to affect the quality of sperm.

Hot Tubs: Frequent use of hot tubs may lower sperm counts. This is attributed to the negative effect of heat on sperm production.

Drugs: Some medications have negative impact on sperm quality as side effect. Some of them include those for treating depression, hypertension, ulcer and cancer.

Examples include:

Sertraline – Used for treating depression (this drug may spur hormonal changes that damage sperm, making them unable to fertilize an egg)
Cimetidine – Used for treating ulcer (can wreak hormonal havoc in men, slowing sperm production and causing impotence)
Spironolactone – Used for treating high blood pressure (can cut testosterone production, blunting sexual desire, lowering sperm counts, and causing erection problems)
Fluoxetine – Used for treating depression (this drug may spur hormonal changes that damage sperm, making them unable to fertilize an egg)
If you are using any of these medications or those in any of the classes mentioned above, you need to contact your doctor for advice if you still plan to have children.

Smoking: Smoking may also adversely affect the sperm’s movement, as well as the health of the sperm. This greatly impacts on fertility of the smoker.

Diet: Diet has been shown to impact sperm quality. Foods rich in antioxidants may promote optimal sperm health while coffee and alcohol lower the quality of sperm. However, the influence is probably minor. Daily drinking of cola could also reduce sperm quality.

Regarding diet, malnutrition or an unhealthy diet can lead to deficiency in some essentials minerals e.g. Zinc, thereby lowering sperm quality.

Mobile phones: Having a mobile phone in talk mode in the pocket, like when using handsfree, has been suggested to be a risk if often used in the long-term.

Semen samples exposed to electromagnetic waves (as in mobile phones) showed significantly decreased sperm mobility and viability, maybe due to increased level of oxidants – reactive oxygen species (ROS) which could negatively affect the sperm.

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