Monday, July 1, 2013

#CODED-ish Must Read: Nigeria Big Girls Replace Men with Sex Toys

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Nigeria Big Girls Replace Men with Sex Toys
The sex toys business is getting bigger by the day in Nigeria as more women turn to pleasuring themselves.
Sex toys use as a means of masturbation is finding its way into the Nigerian urban society despite the issue being an object of moral and spiritual controversy among renowned religious leaders who either support or oppose it.
This practice is alien to the African culture. The apparent change can probably be attributed to inter-racial marriages, education and Western influence.

Today in Nigeria, sex toys have taken the hearts of a number of women irrespective of their ages or social backgrounds. It has also become popular among students. In fact, it is not unusual nowadays for your 14-year-old teenager to have a dildo which she uses to pleasure herself.

A spot-check around Lagos and Abuja indicates that the shops that sell sex toys are all over the two cities. Names of shops like Perfect Herbals, Skin Perfector, Divine Healers, Crush World, Libido, Smarties, to name just a few, are known to clients for trading in sex toys.

It is extremely easy to buy sex toys in Lagos as magazines now carry numerous adverts telling potential customers where they can find the shops. This seems to be the new wave of satisfying the thirst for fun for the Nigerian big girl.

There are some sex toys traders in Lagos and Abuja that make as much as N1 million a month in sales. What’s surprising however is the fact that many of the customers are men who buy the toys for their wives.

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