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#Coded-ish News::Babatunde Badmus,Student Union President,University of Ibadan Exposed.....

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Below is what was written on the SU GROUP

 . .and I conclude that we have been deceived and used by BB

The reasons for the decadence experienced in our nation over time has been traced to the ill-fated leadership style practiced by our leaders, even the young ones who are very guilty of this still make haste to condemn their senior colleagues of the same offences they are guilty of. I have also come to realize that followership has also been our major problem because we keep mute when we are supposed to talk; thereby making our leaders think they are invisible and untouchable, indeed people get the kind of leaders they deserve. This piece is not in any way meant to cause political unrest in our dear Students’ Union but to awaken our reasoning to the facts that we have all decided to shun our faces to. It is meant to open our eyes to some hidden facts (which I was privileged to get), please endeavour to read through to the end. Also, please think deeply and reflect on it before you criticize (for the concerned parties).

It is no longer news that the man who claimed that he will unite uites has not in any way united his eight man executive members let alone the different political and ideological interests in the SRC, let alone that of the politically conscious and unconscious uites.

It is also no news that this same man has isolated himself from the union by first of all purchasing a car (though this is not a crime) which he rides around flamboyantly, leaving his executive members to the Union bus which he now sees as “their” bus. It is also no news that this same man has been leading a union who spent over a million naira (N 1,000,000) within three months of his administration with little or no return to the union’s account (what his predecessors never spent even in six months). This money was gathered from our two hundred naira (N 200) union due, what a wasteful leader.

The man who campaigned that he will fight Professor’s IFA administration (the major reason why most people voted for him) has never stood against this Vice Chancellor for once, to defend the interest of uites. Despite the challenges faced by Awoites and Queens in having proper welfare in their halls of residence (water and light inclusive), this man never cared about them; all he does is change girlfriends, hang out with other students’ politicians who call themselves students’ leaders, flaunt his luxurious lifestyle and use the office of the presidency to gain recognition at the different government parastatals (Oyo state secretariat inclusive).

The most saddening part of his trend of events so far was when he used us (uites) to propel himself to gaining media hype and political recognition by the government of both Ajimobi and Jonathan in the last protest. Surprised? Please follow my eye opening episode.

For those who don’t know, President Babatunde Badmus (now Omo Oba Babatunde Badmus) was nowhere to be found when the struggle on the current ASUU strike started; all thanks to the Faculty Presidents who started it. Even along the line when they involved the Mr. President, he absconded because the Faculty Presidents were against both ASUU and the Federal Government but he (Omo Oba Babatunde Badmus) has already taken side with ASUU. Though some say he was bribed by ASUU, I may not want to totally believe that because it might just be propaganda. Even when the Faculty Presidents organized to meet with ASUU officials, our Mr. President was nowhere to be found. All of a sudden, he appeared from nowhere and because of his office, he took advantage of the students’ agitation and made himself appear as the master planner of the war (taking all the glory). He derived joy not in the protest but the dividends he will gain from the protests’ publicity. No wonder he even travelled as far as Lagos State to address different media outfits, just because of only one protest that has not fetched us our desired results (Did Plato, Toba and other senior comrades do the same thing in their time?). This might be because of his future political ambition since that is an avenue to make him more popular for political recognition and nomination in his State (Lagos State).

To give my submission a solid backing, he (Mr. President) never stopped at that, he went ahead to invite the Union Presidents of other institutions within and outside Oyo state for a meeting for further protest with the decision to chair the meeting and hence propel himself more. Tell me, is he a NANS (National Association of Nigerian Students) official? Why is he using the prestigious office of our Union’s Presidency to deceive others when pertinent issues are demanding his attention in the Union (Our welfare and Union week inclusive). I used to hear it but I never believed it that after every protest, most students’ leaders collect money from government officials with the threat that they will disrupt public peace more, if they are not well settled. Our Mr. President also fell victim of this when because of the protest he led (which he knew nothing about the origin) fetched him an audience with the SSA to President Goodluck Jonathan (I think at Premier hotel) and he was well settled (probably in dollars), at least to let peace reign and not lead another protest. On hearing and confirming this, I was disappointed. If this is how T’Cool and Edosa (his predecessors) lived, what would he have met? What a selfish, money driven, morally empty, aimless and goalless Mr. President.

Before I leave, I must say I am disappointed at the SRC for not checking the Mr. President’s excesses; other members of the Executive Committee; the only two term speaker as he his called (who also doubles as NANS Chairman, Oyo State) for rubbing and patting our Mr. President’s back; the UCJ President for keeping mute; those who campaigned for Mr. President (Oliver, Jare, Pumpin, Jide Zik Hall Chair and T’Cool inclusive); and other political and students’ stakeholders who might be thinking that they want peace hence thinking silence is the best thing to do; (or probably they have also been well settled).

If I wasn’t opportuned to know these facts, definitely we would have been under the deceit of our so called students’ leaders who are either benefitting from Omo Oba Babatunde Badmus or just not concerned about the Union anymore with their silence. Remember, you can fool some people some time but you cannot full all the people all the time. With time, we will all know the truth and the more that happens the lesser the respect we have for these so called leaders. The truth is bitter, but let’s swallow this so as to get a better Union.

Finally, what brought me headache most was that an ordinary 300Level student used me for personal, political, media and monetary benefit. What an embarrassment on my UI future certificate, thank God I now know his motive.

An advice to you guys; if Mr. President needs you for protest next time, please watch out so as not to be fooled like I was.

Good Luck to our dying Students’ Union . . .

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