Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#CODED-ish News::Why I'm Afraid Of Sleeping With Another Man ––Singer Ara

11:28 AM

Once beaten twice shy, is the word that best describe the current challenges confronting Ara, the popular and well endowed Nigerian female drummer/singer. She is said to be battling with a lot at the moment.

After breaking up with her husband within just three years of their marriage, Ara has been living as a single mum and she is scared of falling in love again, get married and live with another man. But what is her problem? See how she captured her experience below:
"I have someone i have a strong feeling for but i guess my fear of commitment has kept me from going further. I am going through counseling now, but i am afraid to live with a man again. I want to love again, i want to have more children but my fear is still there.
"My marriage didn't pack up because of another woman. No, it is much deeper than that for me. I believe a man is capable of sharing his affection. After all, most of us come from a polygamous setting. Having more than one wife does not stop you from being happy, the tendency of getting violent will not even be there.
"It has not been easy but i don't want to make another mistake. Then people will say she is the one that has the problem. i want to get married but i am being careful. I want to love again, share and care but i have to be careful. there is no age you cannot find love. For now, i am in a relationship."
Could it be that Ara is telling us that she will get married to another woman's husband and share affection?

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