Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#CODED-ish Special:: [A MUST READ] University Graduates VS Graduate Artisans (non-graduates)

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It really makes no sense to go to the university considering the fact that those that didn't go to university get more job opportunities than the graduates.

There is virtually no work in the society today that can't be done by "Graduate Artisans" who just acquired their skills outside the 4 walls of the university, so whats the point?

Take for instance, opposite my house here, someone just completed a 2 storey building. and i didn't find any single graduate among the workers. The guy just went to Lagos and brought some builders who came and built his house from foundation to roofing.

All were "Graduate Artisans" who learnt how to build houses outside the university. The question is; why should someone spend 5yrs studying civil engineering in Nigeria and not get the opportunity to express himself in the exact field he was trained?

Go to the mechanic village; all the auto mechanics there are illiterates. and someone will spend more than =N=500,000. studying mechanical engineering for 5yrs.

The music industry? I don't know their profiles but I can bet they didn't all study music in the university.

Fashion design? all "Graduate Artisans"

I can go on and on. And by the way, school is full of craps that don't apply to real life. up till now, I've never seen an atom and I don't know how that information will help me to make money today.

You don't get jobs because you're literate but because you're educated. These people you're referring to as illiterates(whatever that means) educated themselves in a particular field and are the best for the job.

The fact that you're a university graduate (not necessarily educated) does not mean you're better than those people. It really sucks to be a Nigerian graduate cos all they teach you is to graduate and go get a job. Your job is to find solutions to real life problems.

I pity our unemployed graduates who spent their fortune and time acquiring university education only to come out to find there are no jobs for them.

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