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#CODED-ish Gist::COSSY: Why Idris Abdulkareem called me an old whore

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Controversial actress, Cossy Orjiakor, in this interview with Sunday Tribune speaks on various scandals trailing her private life and dreams. Excerpts
What has Cossy been up to lately?
I just released a video entitled "Sexual Seduction," a song I did with Durella, I just released it, and I am trying to push it online and also get it aired on television stations and radio stations too.
You are one of those actresses that launched into the entertainment scene a long time ago, what can you say has made you relevant?
It depends on when you enter a profession, I got in when I just finished from the university. I got into the industry at a very young age, and you know, my big boobs confused people, so they felt I was kind of old back then.

What do you feel Nollywood is not getting right?
I think they are doing great. I really do.
You are one of the big girls in Lagos now, talking about your mansion in Lekki?
It's not a big mansion, it's just a small quiet and comfortable place

If you were not an actress, what would you have become?
I really don't know, I would have been married with lots of kids to one man.

There are so many scandalous reports about you, how do you feel when you read many of them?
I have the mind of a child, I also try to ignore negative comments and I try to keep off people that have negative vibes, by surrounding myself with happy people, I don't get easily embarrassed.

So many people think so many things of Cossy? can you tell us something that we don't know about you?
Hmmm! I only want people to know what I want them to know.
So those crazy things you do are done on purpose?
I am a very fun loving person and I love my boobs so much, so if I take a picture of myself and post it online, I don't see any problem with that. People have been seeing these boobs for ages, I don't know why it is still a big deal, by now they should have stopped talking, I don't know why they haven't. I like keeping myself happy and I also get crazy with my friends. For instance, last week was my birthday party and I had my party at five different clubs.
Let's talk about the story about you being engaged some weeks ago. Was it true or was that just Cossy in her usual manner of luring the public?
No, it just happened, I just met the person and he went on his knees to propose..
So you are really engaged?
No, I am not engaged. I think it was a kind of stunt pulled by the person, it was a joke, we were talking about Nikki Minaj's engagement when he just got on his knees, It wasn't even a diamond ring.
What actually attracts a man to you?
A lot of things…but right now, I can't really tell
What would you describe as your saddest moment in life?
When I lost my brother and sister… and then at a point, a press man wanted money from me and when I did not give him money, he went to publish some false stories about me sleeping with dogs and the producer also said that it was not a movie.
It was really hard for me and my parents then.

How do you move on from these reports?
Normally, when I am sad, I eat, I take it out on food, but I try not to these days. What you don't see cannot harm you. I try not to click on link that has something negative. You know sometime ago, there was this lady that started carrying rumours of me having HIV all around and the most recent reports that I said Idris Abdulkareem begged me for sex….how on earth can I say that? in fact, I had to stop tweeting because of that, I actually had a music production I had to do with Idris and he wished me good, but all of a sudden, they decided to push two heads against each other. But I am happy that it had been resolved.
But Idris actually replied on twitter calling you an óld whore…..
It was so sad. How can somebody just wake up and cook up something like that. I don't know where that came from, maybe the guy was watching a video and just decided to talk. Idris is a married man, and that was why I did not reply him. If it was another person that called me an old whore, I would have told him off, but when an office is bigger than you, you have to respect that office. Idris is bigger than me. I thank God for understanding, I had to call him and plead with him, I even did a very interesting song with him and it would be out next year.
You also released a picture of Denrele and your boobs, what was that about?
Denrele is a very busy person and I happened to run into him and since it was my birthday party, I decided to do a boob picture for him with an imaginary birthday candle, and he blew it and that was it.
There are so many actresses trying to compete with you as the "sexiest person" in the entertainment scene too….
I am really flattered that there are so many people that want to be like me, imitation is the best compliment you can give a person.
But there was this actress who once said her boobs were bigger than yours…
Who is that? I don't know her o, I haven't heard about her, I would probably go online and check her out.
So what do you do to keep fit?
(Laughs)Hmm, you don't need to know o. Maybe people should go online and check for the best exercise that one can do to stay fit, that's what I do.
In a few years' time, what would you love to be remembered for?
I want to be remembered as a girl that was not afraid to be herself, even as a musician, I am not hoping for any of those big endorsements. I am just here having fun to its fullest. I am not afraid of anything because I am extremely independent.

What message do you have for your fans?
I wish them all the good things they wish for themselves and I want to tell them to remain positive about themselves and they should go to where they are appreciated and valued. Make sure you put your name or mark in whatever you do.

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