Thursday, November 14, 2013

#CODED-ish News::" What Would Iyayi Want?"-Oluwagbemiga

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What would Iyayi want?
So, he is dead and gone, to make matters worse they are killing his legacy which means he died in vain. Nigeria as at now is in a state of upheaval, sadness and disappointment. At age 53, it is unbelievable that Nigeria is still battling with something as vital as the education of her youths, her future generation. Nothing could be worse than this, or so I think.
Sitting here after another totally wasted 24 hours of my life, I have an epiphany. Iyayi would definitely be angry. Let's think about it. It seemed he lost his life on his way to one of several meetings to solve the problems betweeen ASUU and the FG. I doubt that he would appreciate an indefinite suspension of the meeting he died while going for. This could mean a 'back to square one' point. So, why did he not just relax at home and let matters fall as they would?
He seemed a great patriot, and am sure if our beliefs are true, he would be looking down on us from wherever he is weeping, I think we should put an end to countless number of lives wasting away as every second counts.

The bone of contention dating as far back as 2009 has been responsible for the death of innumerable lives of young promising youths. Referring to a student of the university of Ibadan, Ruth who was ruthlessly crushed to death in a fatal car accident while she was on her way home after the lockdown of the hostels which was as a result of the Asuu strike 2013, so many have died and many others will if this strike is not terminated permanently from the Nigerian educational system.
They would have been out of danger had it not been for the strike, or the countless number of parents crying while they watch their kids squander their lives away, the fathers who have become grandfathers before they planned.
Festus Iyayi, an ex-president of asuu, another victim of the strike who had dedicated his life to the success and development of the Nigerian educational system through the Asuu group wouldn't want this strike to continue as a result of his demise rather it should be a strong platfom for an end to the Asuu strike.
Either way am sure Iyayi is crying out hoping for a 'whoopi goldberg' to hear his spirit telling us not to use him as an excuse to prolong an already overflogged issue. Telling us to make his life and that of so many others count by solving this ASUU issue, telling us to make the patience, belief and faith shown by the students that the ASUU strike will cause a revolution in our education system to count, telling us not to go back to square one. Nigerians should question themselves, should Iyayi's death lengthen this already long strike or should it be a reason for a lasting solution to the strike? But I could be wrong, either way we need to ask ourselves and be sure, "what would Iyayi want?"

By Oluwagbemiga.

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