Thursday, January 2, 2014

#CODED-ish News: 2014 Prophecies By Pastor W.F. Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Bible Church

2:23 PM

The key that opens and closes significant door

The lord has the key of David. Any door he closes no one can open and any door he opens no one can close.

2014 the lord shall give you the key of heaven, whatsoever you bind on earth shall remain bind in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven Mttw16:19

Act 12:7 The lord shall send his angel to deliver you from every chains of Bondage in Jesus name

The Angel of the lord shall open a way for you in Jesus name

When peter get to the door, the door of the prison opened Automatically

The door of any form of prison will open Automatically for you this year in Jesus name
Door of blessing
Door of Miracle
Door of Santification
Door of Righteousness

The lord shall help you to defeat your enemy and they shall scather in all direction

The lord shall help you to succeed in all your works
Your harvest will be so large that your store house will be filled

This 2014 will be a year of open door to you, for the lord shall give you the key to open and close every significant door



The soul that sinneth shall die

If you regard Inequity in your heart, the lord shall not hear your prayers

The lord will not suspend his law for the year2014 and bless sinners.
These blessings are not for drunkers
These blessings are not for prostitute
These blessing is not for sinners

Unforgiveness of the heart will shut the door against you

Bitterness of the heart will close the door against you

Hatred, Anger, Envy, Jeleousy, Social Attitude will shut the door against you

December 31, or January 1st will not change the words of the bible.

This year
1. Be slow to Anger
2. Stop any kind of lies
3. Avoid people who can get you sin
4. Avoid False Revelation
5. Avoid false dreams
6. This is not the year to dress like Harlot

7. This is not the year to dress like the Babylon woman

8. This is not the year to paint your face like the Egyptians, Cusmetic of the world, Tatoo's of the world
9. Avoid Facebook samson or Delilah

10. This is not the year to make friendship with the world James4:4

if yea keep my comandment, you will be my possession among all people says the lord.
If you serve me, you shall spend your days in posperity and your year in pleasure

many people will always want to skip the verse 12 which says

But if you obey me not, you shall perish by the sword and shall die without knowledge.

Read it or not, it's God's word and must come to pass

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