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#CODED-ish News:: Interview With Former Miss AFAS- University of Ibadan

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CODED-ish had an interview with former Miss AFAS and we got to find out that there are so many things about her that's yet to be known. The interview below should fix that problem.

1.Name: Michael Ifeoma Hannah
 2.Department: Communication and Language arts.
 3.level: 200L
 4.State: Ebonyi state.
 5.Age: would be clocking 20 on the 8th of April 2014
 6.Likes and dislikes: I like the colour Green, Swallow food. Like kindness and selflessness, being in Unity and Peace while my dislikes are Snakes, confusion, wickedness and selfishness.
 7.Relationship status: In a relationship.
 8.Future ambition: My future ambition is to one day head the best P.R,Marketing and Advertising Firm in Nigeria.
 9.How it felt like when you were crowned the beauty queen of AFAS: Winning Miss AFAS was an honour to me. I felt very happy but had it in mind dat I am an ambassador of everything the faculty stands for and should uphold them everywhere and every time.
 10.What did u achieve while being MISS AFAS: While in Office, I was part of the Royal
Street Tour headed by the past Miss UI,Nancy Nwachukwu. It was the coming
together of every Royal in UI and interested UItes to reach out to the poor,elderly and less privileged. We all came together, solicited,gathered and encouraged Uites to give whatever they could and then after gathering them, they were taken and shared to the less privileged at Beere on the 14th of February 2013.I was also part of the committee that organised the recent Miss AFAS competition. I've been able to volunteer at diff Charity Organisations like 'the foundation for hope in disability' 11.Where do you see yourself in the next 10yrs: In the next 10 years, I see myself as the most sought after Public relations Personnel,a marketing expert, a mother and co-builder of a happy and successful home.
 12.What inspires you: My mom and the reality that I've got a chance to impact on my world positively

13. What is your greatest fantasy: My greatest Fantasy has always been to be the richest,most influential and approachable African woman
 14. How can you change U.I: I intend to change UI by making Uites see and realize that Every single person in this great institution is important and should be heard, by representing them and bringing the Student Union closest to them and be their voices
 15. Would you be participating in other peagents in the later future: I haven't lost my love for modeling so I still plan to go Into it after serving my one year in office when I eventually emerge the Vice President of the student Union
 16. Message to Uites: My message to the students of this great institution is never to under estimate the power of Unity. No matter the tribe, Religion,status, stature or colour,we are all one and there is Strength in Unity. I love you all.

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