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Few days ago, I saw some children playing, they were having real fun singing songs they were taught in their schools. One of the greatest songs they sang which obviously everyone sang as a child was:
"Pa-rents, listen to your children
We are the leaders of tomorrow
Try to pay our school fees
And give us sound education."

Initially, I was enjoying their gathering as I really love to watch kids play not until they started singing the above song so passionately with all of their might....We all know how kids sing a song they really love....they sing on top of their voices, jumping and dancing like the way Arsenal fans danced when they won the FA cup (Up Gunners).

Anyway, these kids were simply happy calling themselves the 'leaders of tomorrow'. And I felt pity for them, for they knew not what they were singing.

Many of us sang this song when we were young, either to make our parents pay our school fees or just for fun, whichever way. But, have you realized that; this same 'US' are yet to become the 'leader of that tomorrow' which we are eventually living now. Abi, if the tomorrow is not NOW, when is it? And how we wan take lead sef? When our fathers and mothers have not yet been given the opportunity to lead. In other words, our grandparents have refused to leave the position of power. They prefer to die there and even after their deaths, they still want to be ruling, receiving salaries and allowances.....GOSH!!!

Back to my story; Annoyingly, I left the children as they wouldn't stop singing the song and they were already getting on my nerves. I wanted to shout at them to stop and sing another song. But they have chosen to keep enjoying the song as they even danced round holding each other's hands. I went home and as I entered through the gate of my father's house, my father was the first person I saw. The look on his face wasn't encouraging at all. I greeted him and walked past him, feeling pity for him also. He too sang that song as a kid to deceive his father into paying his school fees promising him that he'd be a leader of his tomorrow. But unfortunately, as a politician, his elders in the game keep telling him that he's still young to attain a position in the state level. At age 54?

But wait! Maybe, we are the ones who have mistaken the 'Leaders of Tomorrow' they call us to be something else. Because I just can't phantom why at age 65, some men will be leading us in this country. And dem go kan dey in JUST THAT ONE POSITION for 8 solid years. After that, they'll move on to contest for another position and be there for another 8 good years and by the time they are 80, the President as at that time will make them Ministers and Special Advisers. HABA! E de beru Olorun - don't you have the fear of God in you?

Imagine, dem pack our grandpas and grandmas (that are supposed to be in their various homes enjoying old age) as delegates to the National CONFAB. Because those ones are old and cannot stand sitting for long hours deceiving themselves (not ME in particular) that they are discussing national issues, dem begin dey drop one by one. Some sef dey sleep and some others play Scramble. After all, N12million is sure for each of them.

Now with all of these, when will we (youths) now be the leaders of the tomorrow they have been calling us? Abi the tomorrow never reach? Is it until we also clock 60 years? When we will not be able to think straight and come up with great ideas to improve the nation just like them?

Don't even worry yourself anymore, we sef don't want to be any leader of tomorrow again....As far as I'm concerned, I'm dead tired of being a leader of one tomorrow that has refused to show up. All we need now is 'an environment where jobs/vacancies will be massive'. We need good jobs! It's as simple as it sounds.

We cannot become entrepreneurs because there is no capital to even begin on a small scale. Besides that, the schools we went to, we were not taught to become entrepreneurs, the system brought us up to work as managers in big offices. My friends that became graduates 4 years ago never see one small office to work talk less of a big office.

Before I finally decided to pursue a degree (after 4 years since I graduated from the Polytechnic), the great number of jobless graduates I see on the streets and the rate of applications we received everyday where I worked as an IT student scared me a lot. Now, I'm a fresh student of a State University hoping to graduate in 4 years time (that is if there are no periods of strike or delay whatsoever) and I don't even know how many years me too will spend at home before I find a job as a teacher in one nursery and primary school, at least to start with. [God forbid, anyway]

The simple message I'm here to convey to anyone who cares to know is: There is need for more jobs to be created. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur as most people say 'if you can't find a job, create one for yourself'. If everyone is a job creator, who go kan dey work for us?

Our leaders should stop calling us the leaders of tomorrow. Biko, get us good jobs and leave the rest for us. We will work our way to the top. Shikena!

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