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#CODED-ish Gist:: True Confession Of A Corper

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Getting posted to the north came as a big surprise to me because I thought I had put everything in place to ensure I was posted to Lagos. Nike, Tunji, Emeka, Dotun and the rest of them were all posted to Lagos, why me!!! Why did they send me here? Anyway I have to serve my country. I arrived camp late in the night and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. There were civilized people in this part of the country and camp was even better. A lot of pretty ladies and in little time I got myself acquainted with as many as I could. Zara was a bit different, she was calm, collected and the most fascinating thing about her was the fact that she could fix electrical things, how cool is that! 3 weeks rolled by and we were set to leave camp, Zara and I were posted to the same community but to different schools, we had a corpers lodge and that’s where we stayed. We were like husband and wife because we did everything for each other. She would help me fix my spoilt electrical appliances and in return I would help her with water. After about 3 weeks in our new PPA, we ran out of cash.
All I had was N30 and she had N75 and absolutely NOTHING in our bank accounts. *see gobe* I thought to myself. It was 11am on a bright Saturday morning, we would have to wait till Monday morning before we could be sent money ….”you’re good with fixing things, fix this hunger in my stomach before I faint o”I said to Zara. She laughed so hard her phone dropped on the floor. That was a simple joke I racked to lighten our mood. She dusted her phone and moved some feet away from me. I could only see her mouth moving but couldn’t hear her conversation over the phone….after about 3 minutes she beckoned at me and said “let’s go, you this hungry boy”. 
We put the money together and boarded a tricycle and after walking for about 10 minutes we got to magrelos a fast food with more meal on their menu than customers. It’s a hungry man’s haven. I would have been happy if that was our destination, I could smell their freshly baked bread from across the road and it all just increased the activity of the worms in my stomach, the hunger just doubled. She crossed the road and I followed, opened the door of the eatery and that was where I refused to enter. Zara we both know we’re broke, what are we doing here? I asked .  Just follow me joor she said. When she started ordering was when I started shaking, I can’t wash plates to settle my debts o I thought. At that moment the waiter asked what I wanted and I started to stammer. Zara laughed her heart out because she knew my fears, she handed over her bank cards and my heart sank, the POS printed a receipt to my surprise, but but…how did that happen?  After gouging myself with fried rice, grilled chicken and salad then ordered extra take away for later consumption, guilt started to set in and I was forced to ask “how did you do all this” Her dad had transferred funds to her account and she paid for all the food using POS. What a wonderful way to learn about instant transfers, over lunch with my super hero friend.
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