Sunday, July 6, 2014

CODED-ish News::Check Out The Sexiest Horror Movie Posters

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After my post on the sexiest action movie posters failed to deliver enough sauce for you guys, the only way forward was to delve into the most controversial movie genre – Horror.

Without the fear of prying young eyes, horror movie posters can go above and beyond when it comes to flashing some serious flesh. I mean, if you’re going to watch a movie that involves someone being disembowelled with a claw hammer, some stray boobs are hardly going to offend you, right?
So, without further ado, feast your eyes of my blood drenched bounty of horror movie babes.

9. Furiously Foxy

Nobody would mind a bit of Jennifer’s body, but that severed hand in the backpack serves as a warning. Don’t touch what you can’t afford.

8. Beastly Brazilian

Why does a film that involves a glorious scene of 12 people cascading waterfalls of diarrhoea into each other’s mouths have such a sexy poster? False advertising at its finest.

7. Under-butt Unrated

 Whoever this under-butt model is need to get on Instagramimmediately. I think we’ve found the new queen of the ‘belfie’.

6. Killer Buns. Literally.

Well, the first two things on the itinerary seem fun…

5. Can I be a Piranha… Or a Bra?

It’s such a waste that only Piranhas get to nibble on those :(

4. Horrifyingly Hot

 Is this a horror or a horror porn crossover? Who cares, really? Just mentally block out the flesh carving and check out that under-boob!

3. The Girl with the NAUGHTY NORKS

 Okay, so this is totally a thriller, but are you complaining? Mara’s Rooneys are looking drool worthy here. AMIRITE?

2. If There HAS to be a Final Girl, This One Will Do!

You’re not going out dressed like that, young lady!

1. Eye Contact is Not an Option…

 Okay, so she might have a foul, pulsating brain as a head, but if you just drag your browser window down a bit to remove the offensive cherry on the cake, this Silent Hill slammer is pure sex.




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