Friday, August 8, 2014

Lady who started the Salt & Water Ebola Cure Rumour Comes Out to Apologies

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Okay, So I just read this on nairaland. .I knew this was a rumour and definitely a prank. salt and water bawo? Ebola is a VIRUS and not a WORM!
Read Below. .
I Started The Saltwater Ebola Cure Rumor I Truly Am Sorry – by DRealGeesam1
My confession and apology
Dear nairalanders and everyone who have heard of the ebola Prevention “News”, My name is Adesewa, I am coming out clean because what started has a joke has escalated into the unprecedented.
How it started
Yesterday i was with friend in her hostel, we were talking about this Ebola out break, when one of my friends, Funke (she introduced me to nairaland) brought the idea of Us playing a prank on our friends. The first suggestion was to tell people that aloe very could cure Ebola, but we thought it would sound too ridiculous so we forgot about it.
Later that even an idea came to me (i now regret that i did it).
I decided to send a BBM broadcast message to my friends, telling them that the Ministry of Health has asked everyone to bathe with salt and warm water and drink some of it.
I sent the message 7:08pm yesterday
Later this midnight i started getting calls and
messages that i should drink salt water and bath with
All efforts to tell people that i was the one who started the joke failed. Only my friends who I mentioned earlier believed me. Even my mum could me this morning, i did not know what to tell her.
I am using this medium to beg you all to warn and tell everyone, before they drink salt and damage their health.
Please dont be hash on me. I know this has gone out of hand. I never knew it will be this serious. Some have even added to the original message i sent.

US STATE DEPARTMENT: EBOLA ALERT!!! In order to help our Embassy Community better understand some key points about Ebola virus we consulted with our medical specialists at the U S State Department & assembled this list below, worded in plain language for easy understanding. The suspected reservoirs for Ebola are fruit bats. Transmission to humans is thought to originate from infected bats or primates that have become infected by bats. Undercooked infected bat and primate (bush) meat transmits the virus to humans. . Human to human transmission is only achieved by physical contact with a person who is acutely and gravely ill from Ebola virus or their body fluids. Transmission among humans is almost exclusively among caregiver family members or health care workers tending to the very ill. . The virus is easily killed by contact with soap, bleach, sunlight, or drying. A washing machine will kill the virus in clothing saturated with infected body fluids. . A person can incubate the virus without symptoms for 2-21 days, the average being 5-8 days before becoming ill. THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS until they are acutely ill. . Only when ill does the viral load express itself first in the blood and other bodily fluids (e.g vomit, feaces, urine,breast milk, semen and sweat). . If you are walking around you are not infectious to others. . There r documented cases from Kikwit, DRC of an Ebola outbreak in a village that had the custom of children never touching an ill adult.Children living for days in one room huts with parents who died from Ebola did not become infected. . You cant contract Ebola by handling money or swimming in a pool.

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