Thursday, December 22, 2016


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Alternative to general opinion that the popular online financial community known as MMM has crashed, I am of the opinion that the community is even stronger and getting ready to make her members her participate again after the ongoing upgrade of her operations are completed.

Here's my simple analysis that suggests the scheme will be back in 2017. These views are singularly mine and mine alone.

After carefully reading the first news posted in the personal offices of participants, I observed the strength and power of information misinterpretation. From what was disseminated, it was clear that frozen Mavros (as the community's currency is called) were only extended to 30days as against 14days; which was the usual norm.

These few analytically thought about reason(s) would suggest that MMM hasn't crashed as against general "Opinion"

1. The Ongoing MMM Guiders school 3days ago, continued it's normal activities of training ordinary participants to become Managers/Guiders whose sole responsibility is to maintain the smooth running of participant's activities. Now if MMM has crashed, there wouldn't have been a continuation if this career driven aspect of MMM

2. The continuous crediting of Mavros (MMM online currency) every Tuesdays and Thursdays hasn't stopped as the system's operations are still fully active as before. Therefore, if MMM had crashed, there wouldn't be any infrastructure to support this particular common activity.

3. The promise kept from antecedents. I'm referring to the news about MMM Zimbabwe that was reported to have crashed because it was put on pause mode, so as to RE-STRATEGISE on how to make the community sustainable over a long period. MMM kept her promise to the community in Zimbabwe and now you can attest to the fact that it came back STRONGER and better. I guess you haven't heard of any sour news from that country.

4. The dedication of top guiders in the community, who have been working relentlessly with the Russian programmers to fashion out ways to make the community better at handling participant's issues. It's obviously a normal practice in any organization to create room and time for maintenance and upgrades which could result in a necessary temporary suspension of general activities for a while.

5. The miracle MMM caused in the lives of participants, that made almost every Nigerian take charge of his/her destiny for the first time; and also helped to curb the menace caused by unintentional idleness.

It is important at this juncture to arguably emphasise that because of MMM, the Nigerian state was rescued from a ticking time bomb that was inevitably bound to explode in a shortest possible time.

Also, just to add that President Buhari would thank Sergey Mavrodi in silence for the role he played in cushioning the heightening tension, as a result of a dummy economy.

Since kept promises are MMM's strong areas. Expect a beautiful 2017 with undeniable beautiful prospects.

The thoughts portrayed in this write-up, are solely of the writer's.

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