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#CODED-ish News:: [MUST READ] Life's Examples On How To Succeed With Your 2-2 Or 3rdClass Degree

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Many people think that finishing with a 2-2 or 3rd class places them in a disadvantaged position and trims their chances of getting a job easily because many employers don't give these category of graduates the opportunity to prove themselves.

Just read this piece carefully with deep thoughts about how you would shape and change your future, also to encourage those who have lost hope cos of the poor result they had.

"Frankly speaking, you re only limited if you limit yourself. Don't get discouraged cos even my IT Supervisor who earns well above 250k per month is a 2-2 graduate.
I myself,I am a similar product.I didn't finish with 2-2 becos am not good but because I didn't get my priorities right while I was in school you might also be in that category, mind your confidence and your knowledge matters. Bottom Line: GO & Develop your skills and do some professional certs masters is definitely not what you need now."
"My uncle did not let me work with him as a design engineer but rather let me work with a contractor as a trainee engineer. I angrily left the place after 8months and he got another place where I presently work as a graduate electrical engineer.

I finished with a 2.2 by the way and I have spent 10mths in the present company. I got my first job offer last month which I rejected.

Think my uncle has given me the launching pad to excel so I advise one has to fraternize or be good to one's relatives and people in general."
"I graduated in 2005 with a 3rd class in a field a lot θf people consider professional but as far as I was and am still concerned, its a boooooring field! Having realized that, I quickly started the interesting process θf self discovery, armed with this knowledge, I went to a private organization to volunteer,that was before NYSC, during my service year alone, I had three job offers! Back then, I humorously say to my friends who were crazy about the masters degree that with all their certification, I would be offered a job before they would be considered if we all went for the same interview.
Truth is every employer I have ever come across find it hard to accept that I had a 3rd class and that is because θf my overall presentation, intelligent manner in which I engage their minds, the excessive passion I exude and the subtle but hard to miss its-your-loss-if-I-am-not-a-part-of-your-team aura I naturally exude.
In summary, I would say, if you have the opportunity to bag another degree and certification, go ahead! But you have got to be able to back it up else its just a waste θf time, effort and money!!!"
"What worked for me may not work for someone else, really? Now let me reveal one fact to you, I have heard top HR consultants say the reason they raise the bar that high (demanding those so called great grades) is because they know the ridiculous number θf unemployed youths seeking employment and such requirement (2:1) does a great job θf reducing the number! Imagine that!

Another fact you need to know is that business owners are looking for people with solutions and if you are that candidate, the job is yours! You should also bear in mind that those preferred degree may get you the job but it is only your wit that will keep you in the job or make you indispensable! These are tested principles and they will work for anyone! While I am not encouraging young people to be nonchalant with their academics, I insist that if you do not have the onus to defend your Masters degree, you can't have the job! ( Not taking into cognizance the corrupt paractices in Naija)"
"The 2-2 people, like me, are the ones that Msc might work for. The vast majority of students in Nigeria made a 2-2, so it's not so bad. 
3rd class is a different story entirely. Even a masters degree would not easily get you into places that ordinarily ask for 2-1. Some companies like KPMG even request specific O 'Level standards, can you imagine!
I usually recommend that people who made a third class should consider moving towards a career field that doesn't require too much academic story. Best bet is to move towards skills acquisition. A close family member of mine made a third class in engineering, and he was lucky to get a job in outdoor advertising, working on designing billboards and other types of outdoor signage. At least that way he got to practice engineering in a reasonably lucrative field, and he doesn't have to worry about what class of degree he made. He also doesn't have to waste his time and money doing a masters he's not the least bit interested in.
It could be fashion, even entertainment, ultimately. It doesn't really matter. I feel that most people who do poorly in school are probably not really suited for more academic work, so why pile up more misery in useless certificates? It may be an opportunity for them to discover their true talents. That's the way I see it.
I would not be quick to advice a 3rd class graduate of petroleum engineering to immediately rush into some PGD/msc combo in the same petroleum engineering. Graduates with 2:1 plus Msc in that discipline are still searching for job. But if you are convinced that your path lies therein, by all means go for it. But expect no favors though."

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