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#CODED-ish News:: List of Celebrities who got 2:2′s, 3rd’s or dropped out

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It may not be the end of the world – these celebrities all got 2:2′s, 3rd’s or dropped out, but are still winning at life.

There are three things most students fear in equal measure; getting a 2:2, getting a third or not even reaching the finish line. But is all really lost if you graduate with a ‘Desmond’ or less?

Most of us are warned that if you’re not a member of the 2:1 clique, you pretty much have as much chance of securing a decent job as Rylan did of winning X Factor. But here’s a few celebs who never did gain membership to the upper second class club – and seem to be doing pretty well for themselves... Never give up on your DREAMS!!!

1. Carol Vorderman – 3rd Class
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Sexy walking calculator Carol Vorderman has wowed us all over the years with her terrifying ability in maths and equally terrifying ability to get distinctly better with age. She left university with a 3rd, showing that it’s not what you leave uni with, but how quickly you can work sums out on daytime television that really counts.

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2. JK Rowling – 2:2
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JK Rowling left university with a 2:2. Ten points from Gryffindor! And then 1 million back, because she wrote the book of our generation and is probably a billionaire. In your face, Severus.

3. Jo Whiley – 2:2
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DJ Jo Whiley got a 2:2 too (wow, that’s a lot of twos). She hated her time studying applied languages and said it ‘was the clubbing that saved her’. The same can probably be said for us all, mind

4. Ellie Goulding – Dropped out
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Ellie Goulding has been starry eyed ever since she was a little’un. So it’s no surprise that when opportunity knocked, she was quick to drop the essay deadlines and microwave meals for concerts and Brit awards. She still strikes me as a lass who could down a Snake Bite with the best of them

5. David Dimbleby – 3rd
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David Dimbleby; Household name, Question Time legend, potentially the best mid-sentence interrupter known to man and also the proud possessor of a big fat third.

6. James Cameron – Dropped out (to become a truck driver…)
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Director James Cameron didn't drop out of uni to create his tear jerking film about lovers and icebergs or his film about the shenanigans of over-sized smurfs. He actually dropped out of uni to become truck driver. Equally a bad-ass, if you ask me.

7. Sting – Dropped out (after one term)
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Sting spent one term at uni before calling it quits only to re-enter the great yawning abyss that is education, this time as a teacher. He then came to his senses, ripped his tie from his neck theatrically (we hope) and left the educational sector once and for all to become a legend.

8. A.A.Milne – 3rd
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A.A. Milne got a third but A.A. Milne also wrote Winnie the Pooh. Surely an honorary first is only right? With a complimentary honey pot, of course.

9. Jon Snow – Didn’t finish (due to being expelled)
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We all know Jon Snow is the bad boy of news reading, with his wacky ties and socks that fantastically compliment aforementioned wacky ties. He didn’t even finish his degree for a reason as cool as his dress sense. He was sent down for his part in an anti-apartheid six week sit in and still got an honorary degree. Like a boss.

10. Hugh Laurie – 3rd
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Hugh Laurie graduated with a third, but House can diagnose Acute promyelocytic leukimia without so much as scuffing his walking stick. Okay, so that technically has no reflection on Hugh Laurie whatsoever, but he still does a killer American accent and is a Blackadder legend. Plus he went to Cambridge so he’s probably pretty smart anyway.

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